The Inn of the Slumbering Drake

The Inn of the Slumbering Drake is one of the most well-known Cillamar establishments. Any out-of-town adventurers are likely to be staying here, as the proprietor is fond of adventurers and frequently cuts them deals on extended stays.


History of the Inn

Nearly 200 hundred years ago, this location in Cillamar proudly occupied by an inn called The Famished Vagabond. The gnomish establishment was well-known throughout the region for its clean rooms and savory meals. However, the wooden structure was razed during one of Benthorusa’s random attacks, and burned to the ground. Yet the townsfolk were resolute – they attempted to rebuild on the site several times over the years.

Unfortunately, during each period of construction or shortly thereafter, some sort of accident would occur, usually a fatal one. This occurred seven times, accompanied by another razing by the dragon, and a roof collapse that killed four workers. Eventually, the town abandoned the site, believing it was cursed by the dragon.

For over 100 years, the site lay fallow. Then, about 20 years ago, a wealthy foreigner came to town and purchased the property. Two years later, this silver-haired sorceress opened the Inn of the Slumbering Drake, a two-storey stone building with an attached stable. At first, locals shunned the place, fearing the proprietress, her lumbering half-ogre door guard, and even her precocious dragon pet. However, travelers soon discovered inexpensive, clean rooms, hearty meals, and rousing bardic entertainment. Eventually, even the townsfolk began to enjoy homestyle meals in front of a roaring fire with a soft lute strumming in the background. The sight of the diminutive “slumbering drake” curled up on one of many strategically located pillows around the taproom became a common, and welcome, sight.

The proprietor, Lady Chauntessa, is now an accepted member of the community. She has helped fund many community projects over the years, and even hosts a few annual costume balls open to the whole town, complete with complimentary food and ale. Her generosity has won the townsfolk over.

The Inn’s namesake is Chauntessa’s familar, Ixnay. Ixany is a diminutive dragon, about the size of a large housecat. Most times she can be found curled up on a pile of pillows in the tavern, frolicking about the room, or seeking attention from patrons. Rumor has it that if you give Ixany a swig of your first alcoholic beverage of the night, you’ll have good luck the next day.

Familiar Faces at the Inn

The following people (and dragon) are regularly encountered at the Slumbering Drake.

Lady Chauntessa

The tavern’s bouncer, Cookie, is an impressive, barrel-chested half-ogre, standing seven and a half feet tall. He has a sloping forehead, greasy black hair, and a coarse, unshaven face. His arms ripple with muscles. He’d be a fearsome sight… except that he lacks any teeth. He speaks halting Common, but always courteously and with a smile. Cookie never goes anywhere without his ragged stuffed animal and a pouch of sugary treats, and he is usually seen sitting on his “throne” – a large chair in the tavern made just for him to keep watch on things. Cookie has a tattoo of a manacle on the back of his left hand, which some speculate is a sign of a criminal past, or possibly of enslavement. When asked about it, however, Cookie just shakes his head and says nothing.

Quintus is a slim, aging human with a flowing gray beard and unkempt graying hair. He wears a pointy cap, and stoops over his gnarled staff when ambling about, looking almost a caricature of an old wizard. Supposedly an ex-adventurer, Quintus now bills himself as a full-time alchemist, specializing in potions and magic oils. He frequents the Inn of the Slumbering Drake at least two days a week, selling his potions to adventurers.


The Inn of the Slumbering Drake

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