Rewards! - First adventure

XP and Treasure from the Temple of Death

Experience: Everyone’s character came to the game with a little bit of backstory, so I’m going use that previous experience combined with the adventure experience to grant everyone 1000 XP. In other words, Second Level for everybody!

Opening the Chest: Woden has one of her watchmen open the chest at The Gaol with the PCs present. Inside are the following items:

  • 12 platinum pieces
  • 294 gold pieces
  • 184 silver pieces
  • 1 small, uncut amethyst
  • 1 ornamental brooch

The brooch appears to be made of bronze, with bits of attractive but non-precious stones inlaid. It bears a family crest, though Woden indicates that it does not belong to any of the noble families of Cillamar. Though ornate in design, the brooch is dented and scratched, with some stones clearly missing.

Based on her previous agreement, Woden grants the entire treasure to the party, leaving it to them to decide how to divide it.


Dubmount: “Clearly, the only proper thing to do would be to divide this up equally. I have a handful of friends in the jewelry trade; I’d be happy to have them appraise and provide compensation for the gem and brooch, unless of course any of our knowledgeable gnome friends might be able to render that service at a go?”

“The cash comes out to 432.4 gold, divided among the five—am I counting correctly?— of us, that works out to 86.48 or 86 gold, 4 silver, 8 copper each, simply accounting for the coin.”

Rewards! - First adventure

“Indeed a fair split would do the trick,” Alizarin notes with a nod, “scratch the itch for partnership… I also suggest a small tithe to stem the tide of time… they took such fine care of our affairs, it seems but fair to share…”

Rewards! - First adventure

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