After the Temple of Death - Epilogue

... and he would have gotten away with it too, if it weren't for those meddling adventurers.

Note: This aftermath could have easily been roleplayed, but I want to move things along next session, and I’m not so sure that offline-roleplaying would be the best way to disseminate this information to the whole party. However, if anyone wants to do some offline roleplaying to fill in between the lines of what follows, I’m up for that. Offline roleplay could happen in the comments section below or in the roll20 forum, either way.

Upon exiting the Temple of Death, the party finds a group of armed men waiting for them – a mix of Lantern Watchmen and House Ismae staff guards. At the head of the group are an elderly man and a stern woman – Grand Count Ismae, patriarch of his house, and Lady Woden, leader of the Lantern Watch. Interrogation and explanations ensue.

By the end of the discussion outside the temple, both Count Ismae and Lady Woden appear satisfied with the party’s story. Count Ismae expresses gratitude for saving the life of his son, though his demeanor is so dour, it is difficult to tell how he truly feels. He makes no mention of his daughter. Lady Woden is concerned about both the worm- beast and the slavers, and orders the ranking Watchman with her to organize a team to go into the temple, retrieve the worm-monster’s remains, and capture any slavers that return

Lady Woden also makes note of the chest that the party retrieved from the slavers, and seems initially inclined to confiscate it. Ismae, however, suggests that any spoils in the chest should be offered to the party for their services in ridding the town of the monster – provided, of course, that if any items in the chest were clearly stolen from the various high families of Cillamar that they are returned. Lady Woden grudingly agrees, on the stipulation that the chest be opened in her presence.

During this discussion, the party picks up some information of their own. Ismae comments that the recovered cloak clearly belonged to Calvin Doramere, former head of house Doramere and a powerful member of the town’s Council of Nobles. Doramere apparently disappeared a few months ago, but not before causing a tremendous stir among the nobles with a series of ambitious and out-of-character power plays. Shortly before his disappearance, he was believed to be going insane, and most of the town’s aristocrats assumed he took his own life or ran off in a fit of madness. Based on Ismae’s account, it sounds like few mourned his disappearance.

In addition, the party learns from Woden that she has been concerned recently that slavers might be infiltrating the city, and she seems convinced that what the party has found is merely one piece of a larger organization. At the end of the encounter, she orders her guards to take Gunge into custody.


GM: Can Dub establish in conversation what this Doramere looked like? Does his height/aspect/frame match that of the worm-creature?

To Party: “Quite an adventure! However, we’ll need to be on our guard. A cadre of slavers probably has informants in a variety of places; these informants will eventually mention our participation and receipt of reward in the form of their hard-earned slaver moneys.”


The descriptions of Doramere that Dub is able to glean from conversations do seem similar to the worm-creature.


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