Temple of Death

Outwardly devoted to the agriculture goddess Denithae, this temple is an unusually grand edifice for such a deity, with a stone dome open to the heavens, towering stained glass windows, and mighty walls composed of enormous stone blocks. The Temple was built a decade ago when High Priest Scariel arrived in Cillamar with his train of silent, masked acolytes.

At the height of its power, the temple’s congregation was open to a select few, who invariably prospered – usually due to the failing health of those who stood against them. Many clamored for the privilege of attending the closed masses, but only the wealthiest and most powerful were permitted to join, and even then they wore masks when attending the moonlight gatherings.

This charade ended a year ago, when it was discovered that the high priest and his acolytes were holding secret services to Bargul, god of death and the undead. Meeting in unholy chapels hidden beneath the temple, the wicked priest and his select congregation made blood offerings to Bargul, even —- so the rumors go —- converting their own bastard children into undead to serve their god. The subsequent investigation led to orders for the arrest and imprisonment of House Ranwaer, but the temple’s High Priest and two of his acolytes were never apprehended.

Since that time, the temple has stood dark and silent, home only to rats and the pigeons. The blood-red windows have been boarded over, and the great bronze portals locked and bound in chain. There are those who allege that in an effort to protect the identities of some of Cillamar’s noble sons, the investigation of the cult ended prematurely. Whether or not any of these cultists remain in Cillamar is a mystery.

Temple of Death

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