Professor of the Magickal Arts


A tall, slender human with a shock of white hair and glasses. His age is somewhat indeterminate, as he has the pale, smooth skin of someone who hasn’t seen a great deal of sunlight. His white hair would suggest he’s at least 40 years.

Normally garbed in light gray scholar’s robes and carries some books and writing supplies.

He speaks with an erudite tone, as if he’s used to lecturing students on a variety of topics.

Prefers tea.


“Look here, I’m just a visiting professor from Archbridge College. I’m not really sure you’d call what I do ‘adventuring.’ It’s true, I occasionally end up in some tight scrapes, but they’ve nothing to do with me. I deal in the interesting and unusual, and as a result, the interesting and unusual just tends to happen nearby. Bit of a frightful mess, most of the time, if you ask me.”

“Childhood? Good lords, who remembers that far back? I was an apprentice to a silversmith, and I could tell the life wasn’t for me. I managed to trade up, get literate, and found there were much more interesting things to be found than precious metals. Although, they don’t hurt, to be sure.”


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