The Big Table

or "how everyone knows each other"

Each player has a connenction of one sort or another to the Inn of the Slumbering Drake. In your time at the Inn, each of you has become acquainted with Gnarkle – the halfling tailor who is one of the Inn’s most frequent patrons. He arrives early nearly every evening, and sits at what he calls “the big table.” It’s not any bigger than any other of the large tables in the tavern, but he acts like it’s a king’s banquette table. He also likes to invite other little folk to sit with him – it seems to be part of the “big table” joke. Each of you has sat with Gnarkle at the big table at least one evening.

A night or two per week, Gnarkle uses the big table to run a friendly, small-stakes card game. Some of you may participate in this game, if you like.


After finishing his studies, of course Dubmount would participate.

The Big Table

Alizarin would also partake in games of chance.

The Big Table

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